A Favorite Wine?

Posted on 29 April 2011


So, this post is not what it seems at first.

I recently had a fall and ended up in the ER where the doctor posed me a question: “What’s your favorite wine?”  My only response to that was “I don’t have one.”

You see, to me, wine is like songs, there are so many classics and amazing fall backs, some that you only drink when you’re in a certain mood, and there are great new ones released all the time.  It’s impossible to pick just one!  That being said, I ended up telling the story of what got me into wine.

You see, when I was a little bit younger, I had only experienced White Zinfandel (rather unfavorably, of course) and didn’t ever think I’d consider myself a wine drinker.  Then a friend tried the Marco Negri Moscato d’Asti (oddly enough, at the suggestion of a later coworker) and then decided to pass the wine to me.  It was just what the unrefined palate I had needed (not to call it a bad wine by any means).  It was (and is) a good entry-level sweet wine with just enough variety of subtle hints to keep you interested.  I was hooked!

Soon, however, I fell for the other end of the spectrum when my daughter was born.  Her adoptive mother walked into a wine store and out with a beautiful dark bottle with an interesting black and white label (on which the front appeared hand-drawn to the casual observer).  We celebrated that night with the wine and some Jack’s Stack…and I fell in love with the hearty and smoky Argentine.  Malbec remains a top varietal on my list to this day (and for those of you who were wondering, it was the Siesta en el Tahuantinsuyu from Ernest Catena).

So, in conclusion, no, I don’t have a favorite wine.  The Marco and Siesta will always hold a special place in my heart, just like songs from Disney movies and The Eagles.

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