Margarita’s Margaritas

Posted on 19 April 2011


Okay, so I’ll have it out right now…Tequila and me are not exactly buddies.  It’s no secret to friends, coworkers and family alike that I’m a rum girl.  However, with that being said, the boyfriend and I were out for Mexican the other night and rum and Mexican aren’t exactly the best of pals.   My first frustration was with the lack of a drink menu so I simply asked the waitress for her opinion.  I opted for a Raspberry Margarita.

The sugar rim was done well, but a little messy, and it was frozen just perfectly.  The color was a beautiful rosy pink and the lime bit with the right level of ripeness (which has been sadly hard to find lately!  Between tomatoes and limes, I’ve been quite unsatisfied as of late!).  The Tequila…waaay too overpowering.  It was honestly quite hard to tell if the drink was simply a “berry” versus being a “raspberry” due to the nature of the tequila’s strength.  It’s a strong flavor and some bartenders just don’t have that in their heads.

Plus, the Tequila got me drunk.  The Irish/Scottish/German/(insert mix of random heavy drinkers and let’s just say I’m a mutt) blood in me doesn’t contend so well as it does with whiskey, whisky, rum, or vodka.

Maybe next time I’ll just stick with water.

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