I’ll take a pint of McCormick’s please…

Posted on 11 April 2011


Oh, how I love the specialness of some people.

I’ll admit, I have a huge pet peeve that takes the form of everyone asking for something by half the name.  “Do you have any Boulevard 12 packs?” and “I’ll take a pint of McCormick’s…” take the cake (Boulevard…what?  Of course we stock Boulevard and in 12 packs, this is a liquor store in Kansas City.  McCormick’s makes…well, basically, everything.  Do you want vodka? Whiskey? Gin?)


I wanted to share an awesome port I had the luck of trying recently as I know I”m quite far behind at the moment (two migraines and a film extravaganza will do that to ya!)

The Montevina Terra d’Oro Zinfandel Port is a killer.  I really wish I knew more people that like port to have the chance to indulge!  A wonderful date and dried berries start finishes like a spicy cocoa with just the right amount of heat.  There is a good thick mouthfeel that leaves your tongue like velvet and it pairs with both dark and milk chocolate (I was eating kisses, no less) for a great finish.  I’d love to try it with a dark chocolate cheesecake…any takers???

I’ve found it for about $17 which is a steal considering the rigors of fortifying wines.  I highly recommend this bottle and suggest to everyone to keep your eyes open for more Zinfandel Ports to pop up.

Until next time!