Goodbye, So Long…Part 2

Posted on 23 March 2011


Anyways, my last day went pretty well but I will admit I cried a bit.  I’ve worked with some amazing people over the years and it’s too bad that someone like Enema can make a job I loved so dearly into  a nightmare.

Probably the people I’ll miss the most, and will have the hardest time keeping in contact with, is my drivers.  We’ve got three beer delivery guys that I have grown to adore who I will not be seeing at my new store (the routes are all very linear).

Mandela, we’ll call one of them (it’s an endearing way he pronounces a certain beer he delivers), was always Mr. Efficient.  He’s great at his job and overall a sweetheart.  He’s helped me out with heavy things more times than I can count and is probably one of the most sincere, hard-working people I’ve come to know.

Ace, the man who I described in one word simply as “the,” is truly a unique soul.  He is so much fun and always playing around.  Even in his worst moods he can crack me up within an instant, the natural sense of humor never leaving him.  My two funniest memories of him involve his telling a drunk that he wasn’t interested in women and that his partner of 12 years wouldn’t like it much if he gave her his number (Ace is straight as an arrow, but I always smiled at his open-mindedness and ability to use the excuse most guys would never dare use) and his shared excitement at a chance I recently had to do some work in a graveyard at night (he insisted I bring pictures!).  He was the most adamant that I wasn’t “allowed to” leave (only in jest, ,of course).  Ace is generous and an adventurous soul and is always willing to do the work, even when others have failed.  The lack of his backwards work cap, sunglasses, and goofiness will be sorely felt at my new job.

Lastly, but not least, is my buddy Little Italy.  I couldn’t think of a better name to call him.  He’s actually younger than I am (a hard feat in the alcohol industry), very Italian, and possesses something I rarely see in our generation: a willingness to work.  Little Italy lived close to my old workplace and would oftentimes come in to restock his supplies, but would also spend a little extra time to restock mine.  I’d find shelves filled after he left (a great boon considering all of the fast-moving product the company he and Ace work for sells) and he was never on the clock.  I really enjoyed his visits because my customers were usually my only human contact during my shifts, so when someone I consider a friend and a good conversationalist came in, my day would be made that much more enjoyable.  I especially hold him in my thoughts now due to news of an illness in his family.  I hope all goes well for him and that we may stay in contact in the future.

I will really miss these guys, among others, and I hope the connections I’ve made at this place will continue to making a more interesting and brighter future.

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