Goodbye, So Long…Part 1

Posted on 17 March 2011


Tomorrow is my last day where I have to give a damn about what Enema says or implies!

I got my transfer and tomorrow is my very last shift ever with Enema as my boss.  I’m FREE!

Today I got into the old club email to send out a goodbye to everyone on our mailing list.  It was a nice letter about how I would miss everyone and hoped they would stop by at the (conveniently closely located) store I will be working at instead…what I really wanted to say would’ve gone something like…

“Stop shopping at (current hellhole).  Enema’s a jerk who is replacing the well-trained staff with people who could be replaced by, to use his word, chimpanzees.  The Babysitter’s a b!tch and his new hire doesn’t know a Chardonnay from a ‘Mehr-lott.’  He’s raising prices, cutting selection, and really doesn’t give a damn about any of you.  I really do like all of you and hope you come shop at the new place instead so I can both see everyone still and take all of his business away.  With love…your favorite lush.”

Oh well.  I figure karma’s got a helluva way to catch up with his jerk.

I’ll post a bit more tomorrow about my actual last day. 🙂


Also…I hope you all had a safe St. Pat’s!

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