A Better Fuzzy Navel

Posted on 11 March 2011


Alright.  I’ll confess.  I’m a sucker for Fuzzy Navels.  Well, let me be a little more correct on that…I’m a sucker for Fuzzy Screwdrivers.  I adore the peachy taste with OJ but I can’t stand the inherent wussiness of the drink so I always have added vodka in the past.  No more!  I have found an awesome alternative to using schnapps AND vodka (and it’s a lot less sugary than using the schnapps).  360 Vodka’s Georgia Peach makes my best Fuzzy drink to date.  As my rep for the brand put it, “you can smell the fuzz off the peach” when you open the bottle…aaaand, it’s eco-friendly. 🙂  After this experience, I’m really excited to try some more of the new 360 line of flavors.

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