A New Store and Celebratory Somerset!

Posted on 10 March 2011


Hey everyone.  I know it’s been a little slow on this end, but I have awesome news to share…I will be transferring to a new store!  I may not be promoting or anything, but I’ll finally be someplace where I can get respect.  I’m ridiculously excited.  To celebrate, my new boss and I (we’ll give her a nickname later) went out for 1/2 price wine night at a local chain.  I found it funny to be able to get a bottle of Martin Codax Albarino for less than I buy it at my current store.

So, anyways, time for a little bit of a story.  This one features a guy we’ll call Ritchie.  Ritchie grew up in money and it’s apparent he’s never really worked a hard day in his life.  Ritchie is also notorious for being a liar, a sellout, and having his head so far up Enema’s ass that he could probably tickle his uvula.  Ritchie has also stomped all over his fellow reps for his own company.  Ritchie tried to sabotage my transfer to the new store.  Ritchie is going to have fun when I get to the new store…my new boss is a little sadistic and can’t wait to give him a little pay back.  I started early and called a winery owner after hearing him call their wines “crap.”  They’re wonderful and he represents them.

And, on that note, I’m going to plug Somerset Ridge Winery out of Miami County, Kansas…my choice of celebration tonight with the boyfriend.  Most people think to discredit the Midwest, but I’ve got a lot of good to say to counter the nay-sayers.  For example, did you know that the first AVA (American Viticultural Area) was actually in Missouri?  Napa was the second!  Also, Cabernet Franc grows especially well in the conditions here in the Kansas City area.  Michael Amigoni of Inland Sea is making excellent headway into bringing the noble grapes to Missouri.  I personally adore Somerset Ridge for a lot of reasons.  They have a full portfolio ranging from a port-style, to dry reds, crisp whites, sweets expected of the area, and an excellent limoncello-style product.  Personal favorites of mine are the Citron (said limoncello-style product that is a symphony of unexpected harmony between the white wine and the organic lemon), the Oktoberfest White (a late harvest traminette in a German style similar to a Gewurztraminer which recently received top honors at the Jefferson Cup), and the Ruby Red (a meritage-style blend with excellent Cab Franc highlights).  The owners and staff of the winery are exuberant and friendly (Cindy is my favorite, she has a huge personality and just bubbles over with positivity) and the bird problem is taken care of by a beautiful German short-haired pointer.  The drive to the winery is minimal and the country is beautiful (something I never thought I’d say about any place in Kansas).  I can’t think of any reason not to at least give the wines a try.

To learn more about events at the winery or anything else that strikes your fancy, visit their website at http://www.somersetridge.com/.

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