Never Underestimate the Power of Speech

Posted on 1 March 2011


…or perhaps of a bar manager.

Tonight I went out for a quick drink with my old boss and we stopped by a little sports bar near his current job.  It wasn’t anything special, the most exotic things they had on tap were Leine Honey and Sam Adam’s Boston Lager.  I happened to chat up the bar manager about an odd case and things led to some more talking and soon he poured us both a taste of Tullamore Dew.  Now, I love me some whiskey and whisky (the difference between the two I’ll save for a later rant), but I’ve not had Tullamore Dew before tonight.  First off, I have to say, wow.  It was very nice and fruity with a robust aroma and lingering finish that made me not want to sip on my beer any further.  I was impressed with both the manager and this lovely little new drink.

For those of you that think Irish Whisky can only be shot, try this next time: mix it with ginger ale.  Just a thought!

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